Dolla’ Bin Ballin’: Celine Dion, All the Way…A Decade of Song

Nate Cope, Entertainment.

Sometimes an artist’s work is not just about the music but about the experience.  When hit with the stark realization that dollar bin roulette had given me an album by power vocalist Celine Dion to review, well…WTF.  However, I am a professional and there was nothing left to do but roll up my sleeves and wrestle this Canadian grizzly.

Music can make an experience out of anything and when the first note from this Canadian diva hit my ears the nostalgia of middle school dances immediately flooded my mind.  A strange mood came over me and a sudden urge to slow dance permeated from every pore. Soon, the tracks blended into one single song, the sun set seemed more beautiful, and I began to experience a strange sense of euphoria. 

Yes, Celine sang the love theme from the hit motion picture Titanic-I love this track.  I knew it was on the CD and I just couldn’t wait anymore.  Blitzing to track 8, I hit repeat and my thoughts wandered to Leo DiCaprio’s and Kate Winslet’s doomed love tryst and the uttering of those famous words “I’ll never let go.”  With tears in my eyes, I relived every meaningful moment in an ‘03 Civic, all to the voice of a Canadian angel. 

Man, she can really hit those high notes.  With that kind of power in her voice it would be no surprise if she walked off stage with a little pee or a rosebud in her undies.  She just seems like the kind of performer who would endure that to give her fans their money’s worth.  Well Celine, you have one more fan, and a decade of your songs have made me a more spiritual person.  I’ll never doubt your abilities and want to thank you and the Walmart team for the privilege of being exposed to the love in your music.

Final Verdict on Celine Dion, All the Way…A Decade of Song: Infinite!!!!!!!!!!     

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