What About U.S.

Border walls, budgets, shutdowns, Mueller probes, and cries of impeachment all seem to dominate the current media fever pitch. Despite what our political leaders might try to sell us on, all of these headlines are vaguely linked to actual government for the people. Yes, these are all related to functions of our political process; but are they really governance, or actually the abuse of our system for the sake of power moves? While some of them are necessary to ensure that our government does not go off the rails through abuse, the question should be asked: are these mechanisms themselves being abused? Of course, any politician will tell you that this is part of the process, and from a purely systemic point of view they are correct, but are these mechanisms not also like fire alarms that say, “break glass in case of emergency?” It appears our political leaders are standing in the same hallway looking at each other, screaming, daring each other to break the glass.

Hyper-polarization has turned our system from a solid democratic process into something that resembles a mafia turf war. Maybe for their next act the President and House Speaker will start firebombing offices. While we are a two-party system, the idea that each party is now a side in the war for the American soul is ridiculous. It’s starting to seem like we are all kids hiding under the table while our parents throw dishes at each other. Where is the moderate government that we so desperately need in order to move forward, common sense legislation to fix our immigration issues, healthcare, and infrastructure? Not building walls, single payer, or green new deals. Maybe the only reason these radical ideas have gained any traction at all is due to the distraction of our mainstream political leaders with how many blocks they control, or, how many “no’s” they can say to increase their own personal power base. While they were taking their responsibilities for granted, in a series of high stakes one-uppers, the extreme left and right became emboldened and now threaten to drag us all into their no-win ideological war of failure.

Perhaps it’s time for a new grassroots campaign and I’m not talking about supporting your local socialist or nationalist. No, a serious grassroots campaign to find moderate, commonsense people who are serious about addressing the political issues in our nation in a practical way. Perhaps, it is time to dump the Republicans and Democrats all together and form a new coalition, one void of socialists, nationalists, and careerists: a coalition for U.S.

Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

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